Nina Duschek is a singer-songwriter, street-musician and undeniably a free spirit at heart.

Born and raised in the heart of the Alps of Southtyrol (Italy), Nina’s interest in music sparked relatively late: after trying some choir singing at the age of 12, followed by an attempt on the piano, she switched to take proper singing lessons in her hometown, Merano.

However, one day, at the age of 16, came the decisive moment: she decided to learn the guitar – which happened out of complete boredom – and to go busking on the streets near her house to see if some tourists would toss some coins in her hat. Since then, she started writing her own songs and began performing in pubs, local bars and festivals in Southtyrol, as well as a busker on the streets of Merano, being known for her energetic and passionate performances, her raw authenticity, her revolutionary temper and her trademark, the bandana. After performing as a solo artist in her birthplace for half a decade, she now decided to form a band and take her music to the next level by recording it professionally, but by still embodying the rebellious spirit of a busker’s heart that gives her music the decisive and unique flavor that makes it what it is.

Currently she is recording her first album “Bandana Revolution”, of which she released her first singles Married To The Art,  Bartender Girl, No Title Song, Scorpios and The Only Dream I’ll Have.